6 Worst Things to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

This year’s Prime Day savings event will take place on July 11 and 12, with big discounts on everything from electronics to high-end beauty goods. While there are many sale things to choose from, not everything is worth purchasing during this savings event.

Here are some of the worst items you can buy on Amazon Prime Day.

1. Supplements and diet products

Whether on sale or not, purchasing supplements online may be a minefield. For health supplements, Amazon does demand a variety of certifications and documents. However, the retailer has already encountered issues with counterfeit products. Indeed, independent research indicates that many of these goods may be mislabeled or misbranded. Others may contain components not stated on the label.

Don’t jeopardize your health by purchasing low-cost products that may not deliver on their promises. If you want to buy health supplements or vitamins online, Amazon Prime Day is not the time. Look for third-party accreditation and consider purchasing straight from the brand.

2. TVs

Aside from Amazon Fire, if you’re looking for a new TV, you’ll probably find a better deal during the Black Friday discounts. That is, provided you have the patience to wait until November. Black Friday frequently provides deeper discounts on a broader assortment of merchandise. It’s also worth noting that January and February are prime months for TV bargains. According to Good Housekeeping, manufacturers frequently release new models around the month of March, so the preceding months may see steep discounts as suppliers clear out their stockpiles.

3. Laptops

“There will definitely be some deals on laptops around Prime Day, but if you aren’t seeing exactly what you want (or need), don’t feel pressured to settle for whatever is on sale,” a purchasing expert advised.

Wait a little longer for official back-to-school sales.

“The back-to-school sales will begin in earnest right after Prime Day,” a shopping expert said. “It’s worth waiting a little longer and checking to see what kinds of deals will pop up towards the end of July and even into August.”

4. Back-to-School Items

As with computers, you should wait until more retailers begin their back-to-school promotions before purchasing these things.

“Amazon is curating lists of back-to-school and off-to-college items for its Prime Day event, but that doesn’t mean these products will be discounted just yet,” a buying expert explained. “If there aren’t any deals that appeal to your taste and budget, wait another week or so.” Back-to-school bargains should begin in full force the week following Prime Day, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shop these things then and benefit from additional options and better savings as time goes on.”

5. Clothes

There may be some fantastic savings on clothing, but the offers may only be available in particular sizes. Furthermore, reduced products may come in unusual hues or fabrics. Looking for used clothing or attending a clothes swap is one of the finest ways to save money on clothing. If you want to buy new, prioritize quality over quantity. Aim to own a few well-made timeless goods that will survive for several years. If you can get them on sale, that’s even better. In the long term, it will be a better investment than purchasing a large number of fast fashion goods that come apart after the second or third wash.

6. Apple products

You could be disappointed if you’re looking for a terrific discount on the latest iPhone, Mac, or AirPod. Apple almost never offers discounts on its products during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day, or other sales events. Especially considering Apple and Amazon compete in several of these categories.

Amazon already has a plethora of early access bargains, as well as substantial discounts on a variety of Amazon items and smart home gadgets. This is wonderful if you like Alexa and use Amazon Fire products. However, if you’re an Apple fan, you’re unlikely to find many deals. Is there a better way? Look for refurbished Apple devices and think about trading in an old one for a new one.

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