5 Interesting Things About Boxing Champion Ramla Ali You Probably Didn’t Know


Ramla Ali was forced to leave her native Somalia after her brother died in a bombing accident and now lives as a refugee in the UK. She has since transcended barriers of race, religion, and nation and developed into a significant person.

Despite her Muslim family’s adamant opposition to her boxing as a woman, she gave up a promising legal profession and switched to physiotherapy. Ramla has established a reputation for herself throughout the world and elevated her native nation.

She continues to utilize her life to empower people and has opened doors for women from Muslim backgrounds. Even while her attractiveness has helped her get opportunities, her dedication and attention have kept her in the spotlight.

Ramla, who used to be shy and conceal her status as a refugee, is now outspoken and uses her position to speak out on favor of refugees.

The boxer’s year in 2023 got off to a good start when she made the Times 2023 Women of the Year list. Here are five intriguing facts about Ramla that you probably didn’t know because she is currently in the spotlight.

She is the first Muslim woman to win an English title and the first boxer to represent Somalia at the Olympics

The title of unbeaten boxing champion is held by Ramla. She also triumphed in Saudi Arabia’s first-ever women’s boxing competition. After her family found out about her boxing once and requested her to stop, she first kept it a secret from them. They were unaware of her accomplishments, with the exception of her younger brother, even after she became the first Muslim woman to win the prestigious national Championship.

She had always hoped to compete for Great Britain at the Olympics, but when she realized that wouldn’t be possible, she devised a different strategy: she would compete for her native Somalia.

She had to create a boxing federation from start with her husband, who also serves as her coach, because Somalia didn’t yet have one. Following an interview with a Somali station and YouTube channel, she was able to finally shatter the glass ceiling.

Ramla no longer gave a damn if her family knew about her job. She eventually traveled to events in Germany and Denmark, representing Somalia despite the lack of a supporting federation. She ultimately prevailed in the battle and gained the support of her family. 2018 saw the debut of a Somali boxing federation as a result of her interview.

Many Somalis came to the game to cheer her on and see her win again during her match at the world championships in New Delhi.


She is the founder of the Sisters Club

Ramla founded the Sisters Club as a result of her experiences competing as a female boxer in a male-dominated sport. Most of the gyms she trained in when she first started boxing didn’t even have women’s restrooms.

She made the decision to start a club specifically for women in 2018 after realizing the power sports can have on women. Initially intended to provide Muslim women a chance to learn, the programme is now accessible to all women.

Her group has developed into a worldwide network that now includes members in Paris, the United States, and London, where it was founded. According to her explanation in an interview with Elle, “The club allows women to train in a safe space, free of men, and creates a bond of sisterhood as a result.”


She is a UNICEF U.K. ambassador

In Ramla’s account, she describes her experience as a refugee. Her family sought shelter in Britain after fleeing Somalia. She reportedly does not even know her precise age because her family lost all of her paperwork when they fled Somalia, according to ESPN.

Ramla, who has direct knowledge of what it’s like to be a refugee, is now collaborating with UNICEF to utilize her voice to expound on their tales. In 2019, she visited the UNICEF Makani ‘My Space’ Center in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan, where she interacted socially with the women and young girls who had fled Syria because of the crisis.

She had fun with them while instructing the small kids in boxing in a makeshift gym. “I’m a refugee myself, born in Somalia, and we fled to Kenya after the civil war,” she declared to UNICEF. Everybody here had a similar tale to mine.


She is a model

Ramla has been featured on the covers of numerous magazines, including British Vogue, Elle UK, the Wall Street Journal Luxury, and others. She is teamed with well-known models like Paloma Elsesser, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and others.

She is a model for companies including Nike, IMG, Cartier, and Dior. She nevertheless keeps concentrating on her boxing profession.


She is an author

Ramla has a successful writing career as well. Her debut book, “Not Without a Fight: Ten Steps to Becoming Your Own Champion,” which was released by Merky Books and Penguin Random House, chronicles her journey from her life as a refugee in England to her professional boxing career and various aspects of her personal life.

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