5 Important Visa Updates From Around The World You Should Know About

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Students, ardent travelers, and ambitious young professionals—these three seemingly disparate groups of people have one fundamental thing in common. Visa issues.

Regardless of why you’re traveling abroad, concerns about obtaining a visa dominate your thoughts. Long wait periods, new rules, and fresh updates from other countries might make it difficult to keep on schedule.

Here are the top five visa developments from around the world that you should be aware of.

1. Young professionals can now apply for a UK work visa without sponsorship or a job offer

The UK government is providing 2,400 visas to persons aged 18 to 30 to work and live in the nation. Also, you do not need a work offer or a sponsorship letter to apply. Qualified applicants must be Indian nationals or citizens with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum savings of £2,530. It’s crucial to understand that being chosen in the ballot does not guarantee you a visa; rather, it means you’ll be encouraged to apply for one.


2. Spain and Portugal are issuing digital nomad visas

Post-pandemic remote workers who wish to use their newfound freedom to travel the world while working have found digital nomad visas to be a boon. Some nations currently provide such visas, with Spain and Portugal joining the ranks. If you wish to apply for a digital nomad visa in Spain, you must present proof of employment and earn a maximum of 20% of your revenue from Spanish companies, among other conditions.

You will also need to present documentation that your annual salary is comparable to 200% of the Spanish minimum wage, which is approximately €25,000. The visa is valid for one year and can be renewed for another five years.

For Portugal’s D8 digital nomad visa, professionals must earn four times the country’s monthly wage, which works out to €3,040. You will be given a passport visa as well as a resident permission card. The former is valid for one year, while the latter is valid for two years.


3. H1-B visa holders can now get visa renewal stamps within the US

The US embassy will launch a visa stamping program at consulates across the country for visa renewals (including H-1 and L-1 visas). Applicants can now apply for a US visa in another nation where they want to travel. In addition, interview waivers and remote visa processing have been implemented for students and temporary workers.


4. Two European countries have suspended golden visas

This week, Portugal and Ireland suspended their golden visa schemes. In exchange for investments, the initiative granted affluent non-Europeans resident cards and access to Europe’s borderless travel zone. The program has sparked some debate, with the EU concerned that it may increase the danger of money laundering and tax evasion. A rise in house prices in Portugal has left many locals unable to obtain housing, as foreigners have continued to buy and rent property.

Portugal’s move comes after Ireland stopped its Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (the Irish golden visa counterpart), which granted three years of Irish residence in exchange for a €500,000 philanthropic investment or a €1 million investment in an Irish firm or investment fund.


5. From July, students visa holders in Australia will have work restrictions

Prior to the pandemic, overseas students in Australia were permitted to work for 40 hours every two weeks. During the pandemic, Australia reduced work restrictions for primary and secondary student visa holders, which were later repealed fully in January 2022.

But, according to a fresh announcement from the Australian Home Minister, employment limitations will be reinstated on July 1, albeit with an adjustment in the amount of allowable hours. Students on student visas will be allowed to work for a maximum of 48 hours per week. The reintroduction is an attempt to assist students focus on their studies while still being financially self-sufficient.

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