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5 Best Places in Sri Lanka You Should Add to Your Bucketlist

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The pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, is now one of the most popular tourist destinations, making it the ideal destination for getting away from the hectic pace of everyday life. Packing my bags to discover this hidden treasure was the ultimate healer for me, which is why I’m sharing a moment from my journey to Sri Lanka that changed my life.

Did you know that Sri Lanka used to go by the name “Ceylon,” which was taken from the well-known tea brand produced in the country of the islands?

I’ve been genuinely inspired by the history, culture, people, and way of life. If your itinerary includes frequent city changes, you can be sure that you’ll see life from a fresh perspective and with all of your heart.

Here are best places to stay in Sri Lanka

1. Kandy

With its cultural and local attractions, including the revered Buddhist Temple known as the Tooth Relic Temple, Kandy has unquestionably earned its position at the top of this list. In Sinhala, Kandy is referred to as Maha Nuwara, or “the great capital city.” This city is renowned for having beautiful mountain peak vistas.

Aside from temples, Kandy has fascinating cultural attractions to visit and is growing in popularity among outdoor enthusiasts due to its hiking and trekking opportunities near mountains. You won’t ever be short of things to do in Kandy. If your budget allows, it’s recommended staying in Kandy for only two days and one night to fully appreciate its splendor.


2. Arugam Bay

Prepare your essential beach gear for this one. Once you have arrived in the nation, you cannot fail to notice the stunning shoreline at Arugam Bay. Since its waves are the longest, it draws surfers from all over the world. If you go to the beach during the busy season, you might find it a little crowded. Arugam Bay must be on your itinerary if you want to see the raging waves being controlled by hundreds of surfers.

Both families and lone tourists will appreciate Surf n Sun’s magnificent accommodations. It is close to the ocean and provides its visitors with access to private beaches and adorable outdoor pools that look out over Arugam Bay’s breathtaking waves.


3. Sinharaja


Sinharaja, which translates to “rain forest” in Sinhala, is a base for lowland rainforest and a biodiversity hotspot that has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Sinharaja must be explored on foot, and if you’re a fan of the National Geographic Channel like I am, it’s like escaping into nature where you can hear the tranquil sounds of flowing water.

Additionally, you will be able to get a close-up look of animal life. If you decide to remain longer, you might want to think about participating in an elephant safari in Udawalawe National Park. You can’t visit Sri Lanka and not stop to see the herds of wild elephants that roam the country.

The 360 Rainforest is a charming combination of opulent and reasonably priced lodging, with some excellent on-site eating options. It is a totally feasible option for those wishing to spend their time in Sinharaja at a 3-star hotel.


4. Negombo

The most picturesque beach backdrop in Sri Lanka is found in Negombo.

Negombo is a must-visit location in Sri Lanka because of its renowned fish market and assortment of beautiful vacation resorts. You may spend your day lounging on the beach and going to pubs to conclude the night.


5. Sigiriya

One must visit Sigiriya, often known as the Mount of Remembrance, while in Sri Lanka as it is yet another outstanding World Heritage site. It is a massive tower made of boulders that have been heaped on top of one another. You can climb it to get a breathtaking view. Many people might think that the rocky walkway is an endless trek.

Exploring the Sigiriya fort and its surrounds from the top of the rock fortification is undoubtedly a treat for tourists.

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