4 Starve to Death in Kenya While Fasting ‘To Meet Jesus’ | Video

Some of the victims were rescued and hospitalised.
[Markion Kithi, Standard]

Four people were discovered dead and nearly a dozen others hospitalized on Thursday in Kenya’s coastal Kilifi county after being rescued while waiting for the end of the world.

According to police, the victims, who are believed to be members of Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s Good News International Church, were told to fast in order to avoid “apocalyptic damnation.”

Authorities said they rescued 11 people, six of whom were severely malnourished and in critical condition.

Following reports that others were still in the forest, police said they will resume their search for more members of the group on Friday morning.

In addition, police discovered a mass shallow grave in Shakahola Forest in Langobaya, Malindi.

”The police were unable to conduct any further activity at the mass grave because of the hostile residents in the forest believed to be the suspect’s followers” part of the report read.

The self-styled spiritual leader, who was once a controversial televangelist, has been on the radar of the cops for allegedly preaching a dangerous doctrine that encourages his followers to starve themselves to death in order to get to heaven faster.

When police arrived in the area on Thursday evening, April 13, they rescued the victims from his vast farm, but despite being present at the crime scene, he was not arrested.

The pastor is currently on police bail after being charged with the deaths of two children whose parents are among his followers last month.

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