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4 Businesses Owned by Tyler Perry with an Estimated Net Worth of $1.3 Billion

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Tyler Perry, an American actor, playwright, director, and entrepreneur, began his career in obscurity, as do many successful black people. He grew raised in a poor family with an abusive father. Perry had to create a home in his automobile at one time, but he is now a celebrity billionaire.

With a net worth of $1 billion, the seasoned Hollywood filmmaker and business entrepreneur joined the “billionaires club” in 2020. Perry’s exclusive 100% ownership of his works is acknowledged as one of the contributing elements to his success and ascension up the financial ladder.

This includes over 1,200 television episodes, 22 movies, at least 24 stage plays, as well as his 330-acre multifaceted Atlanta studio that he officially opened in 2019. All of Perry’s films, which he also fully owns the have also grossed almost $1 billion in revenue.

“I love when people say you come from ‘humble beginnings,’” Perry told Forbes. “[It] means you were poor as hell.” It also makes success sweeter, he added. “Ownership, changes everything.”

According to Forbes, Perry made $300 million in cash and investments, $320 million from his repertoire of movies, series, and plays, $280 million for his 330-acre Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, $60 million for his BET+ ownership interest, and $40 million in mansions and toys.

His acting and other associated activities provide the majority of his income. The following are some of the enterprises held by the actor and entrepreneur.

Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry opened one of Atlanta’s largest privately owned motion-picture studios in 2019. The site features 12 fully furnished sound stages for movie shoots and lies on 330 acres of land. He allegedly invested $250 million towards the studio’s construction. He became a large Atlanta real estate investor as a result of this.

Stake in Black Entertainment Television (BET)

Tyler Perry owns a small share in BET’s streaming service, BET+. His shows, including “Sistas,” “The Oval,” and “House of Payne,” all appear on the black-owned channel.BET was formed in 1980 by Robert Johnson with funding from cable magnate John Malone. It was the first television network in the United States to target black audiences, but in 2000, BET was purchased by Paramount Global 2000 for $2.3 billion in stock and the assumption of $570 million in debt.

Tyler Perry Collection clothing line

Tyler Perry has his own clothing line, which he named after himself. The fashion label creates a diverse range of products, including men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. He sells them through his website and numerous retail locations such as department stores, specialized shops, and online platforms, according to the South China Morning Post. According to the portal, the movie director has earned almost $20 million from his clothes collection.

Tyler Perry Wines

Tyler also owns a wine company, according to the South China Morning Post. Tyler Perry Wines is his business, and he reportedly made $6 million. “Tyler Perry Wines is a wine brand he created as a small leisure business out of his love of wine,” according to the platform.

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