4 Businesses Associated with Gayle King

Gayle King, an author and broadcast journalist, is regarded as one of America’s top television personalities. Her role as editor-at-large for O, The Oprah Magazine, and her co-hosting role on CBS News’ morning show CBS Mornings have helped her become a household figure in the United States and around the world.

Her media career began at WJZ-TV in Baltimore, where she worked as a production assistant. Her journey would cross with that of famed media icon Oprah Winfrey, who was a show host at the channel. She eventually relocated to Kansas City to work as a weekend anchor and general assignment reporter at WDAF-TV.

Since then, King has risen to prominence in the media, ranking among the world’s most famous media figures. She is an entrepreneur in addition to being a media personality.

The following are some of the businesses she purportedly has an interest in.

1. GaBBY Bows

GaBBY Bows, founded by 14-year-old South Carolina CEO Gabby Goodwin, will receive $50,000 from King in 2021. In addition to wash-and-style goods, the company now offers plant-based lifestyle items, retail outlets, girls’ salons, and business mentoring programs.

2. Real Estate

King increased her real estate assets in 2008 when she purchased a $7 million Manhattan penthouse. The property measures 2,500 square feet and includes amenities such as a 750-square-foot wraparound patio and two fireplaces. King owns over nine real estate properties, from which she generates monthly rental income.

3. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is another business in which King is interested. Investing in the restaurant chain enabled the TV star to diversify her business portfolio.

4. PayPal

King is interested in PayPal, an online payment system that facilitates global transactions. The corporation is responsible for a considerable percentage of King’s wealth.

Other businesses

Other notable businesses in which King has an interest include Visa and CitiGroup, a well-known banking institution. She’s also a novelist. She wrote “Note to Self: Inspiring Words From Inspiring People,” a collection of anecdotes and life lessons from people including Oprah, [President] Joe Biden, Chelsea Handler, Maya Angelou, a Newtown father, and a war widow. As of 2023, she had reportedly earned $3 million in book royalties.

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