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19-Year-Old Shoots Teen in Fight over Woman, 35, They Both Have Romantic Relationship With – Police say

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A 19-year-old man was detained in Florida in connection with the shooting of a 15-year-old youngster. Chanel Williams, 35, was claimed to be having “romantic ties” with both the victim and the alleged shooter, according to WESH.

The 15-year-old was also in possession of a gun that Williams had given him to protect himself from the alleged shooter, according to police. Diante Stokes, 19, was named as the suspect. Williams, who was detained as well, is facing a number of accusations, including child negligence and abuse, as well as failure to secure a weapon. The 15-year-old was alleged to be staying with Williams.

According to investigators, Stokes shot the kid multiple times on Saturday. “The female we arrested had a romantic involvement with both the suspect and the 15-year-old,” said Donna Seyferth, Deputy Chief of the Rockledge Police Department.

When Williams went before a court on Monday, her bond was set at $45,000. The judge also prohibited her from having any contact with youngsters under the age of 18. Williams could face additional charges, according to police, who added that there were at least three other children in the accused woman’s home.

But in a statement, Williams’ attorney, Jason Downs, said their preliminary investigation “shows that the police reporting may be a little bit inaccurate.” “Maybe the facts do not support the charges. So we are looking forward to dealing with this case in court,” Downs added.

Williams informed police that she was the 15-year-old boy’s legal guardian, WESH reported. Investigators have also contacted the mother of the victim.


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