10 Best MBAs Programs For Women

At several business schools throughout the world, female MBA students are gradually gaining representation. However, some institutions have gone above and beyond to increase the proportion of women in their classes.

The proportion of women enrolled in business schools around the world has been gradually increasing over the last decade. Female MBA enrollment increased from 34% in 2013 to 42% in 2018, as reported by the Forte Foundation.

In 2022, the Fortune 500 reached double-digit representation for female CEOs, highlighting the need for gender balance in MBA programs worldwide.

Obtaining an MBA is beneficial to both women and the firms that employ them. Data from Forté shows that women with an MBA earn 55-65% more than their pre-MBA wage within five years of graduation. Companies with female board directors have a 53% better return on equity.

With such incentives, prominent business schools throughout the world are doing their best to lure more women to their programs, with various degrees of success.

In the US, institutions in the 2024 Financial Times (FT) MBA Ranking have an average of 40% female MBA cohorts, up from 38% in 2023. The majority of ranked schools in Europe have an average of 41%, but those in China have an average of 53%. Female students are significantly underrepresented in Indian schools, accounting for only 22%.

A few premier schools throughout the world have been able to achieve close to—if not more than—50% female MBAs. So, here’s our ranking of the top ten MBAs for women.

10. ESSEC Business School

ESSEC Business School has achieved gender parity in its MBA classroom for several years running, and the cohort is now majority female.

This year’s MBA cohort has 51% women, as well as 53% of the board and 39% of the faculty. ESSEC routinely ranks well in terms of gender diversity, thanks in large part to the network it provides for women. The school’s Women’s MBA Network provides a space for professional women to form mutually beneficial partnerships.

9. University of Oxford’s Said Business School

The University of Oxford Said Business School has had a large female component in its MBA program in recent years, and women now account for 51% of the cohort.

Said supports female students through initiatives such as the Oxford Women in Leadership Alliance and other grants for women, notably the Laidlaw Scholarship, which encourages women with obvious leadership ability.

8. AGSM At UNSW Business School

Women in business who want to study in Sydney, Australia can get help in a variety of ways at the Australian Graduate School of Management. The AGSM Women in Leadership Scholarship and the AGSM Emerging Female Leaders Scholarship provide funding up to 75% of tuition.

Such strategies assist the program in reaching and exceeding gender parity, with 53% female students in the current cohort. The school likewise has a 50/50 board split.

7. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin has been named one of the top 25 MBA programs for women for the second year in a row, with 53% of MBA students being female.

Trinity Business School received the Equality Challenge Unit’s Athena SWAN Bronze Award in 2021, recognizing the school’s dedication to enhancing gender equality and representation among staff and students. Today, women make up 43% of the faculty and 48% of the board.

6. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, College of Business

The MBA program at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics College of Business has traditionally dominated by women, and this trend is expected to continue in 2024. 56% of the program’s students are female. In addition to student representation, Shanghai’s board is 50% female, as is its faculty (41% female).

5. Northeastern University, D’Amore-McKim School of Business

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University values all forms of diversity. The school’s Office of Student Engagement, Affinity, and Inclusion seeks to make students from all backgrounds feel included.

This helps the institution provide an appealing proposition to women, who make up 57% of the 2024 MBA cohort. However, representation is less robust at other levels of the school, with 33% of women on the faculty and only 25% of board members.

4. Fudan University School of Management

Fudan University is another Chinese institution that has cracked the top ten for female representation, continuing the pattern of Chinese colleges outperforming their American counterparts in terms of gender equality.

In 2024, women will make up the vast majority of the class, accounting for 62% of Fudan’s MBA cohort. While Fudan’s proportion of female faculty remains lower than that of numerous other schools on this ranking, it has climbed by 1% from 2023, to 38%.

Fudan’s board of directors has a low percentage of women. In 2024, this figure is only 6%, the lowest of any school on this list.

3. Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Business

With 64% female students and 50% female board members, South Korea’s Sungkyunkwan (SKK) Graduate School of Business is another appealing MBA school for women.

The school reached gender parity in its MBA program for the first time in 2020, but it has continued to recruit a substantial number of female students ever since. Female leaders can apply for the Future Leader Scholarship for the SKK MBA to assist cover the cost of admission.

2. CUHK Business School

If you want to study on an MBA program in Asia with a high proportion of female students, there are several options, but CUHK Business School in Hong Kong has the most women, accounting for 64% of the class. In addition, CUHK has 50% female representation on the board.

Students applying for the CUHK MBA might find a variety of scholarship options. Among these is the Women in Global Business Scholarship, which is offered to women who have worked in large multinational corporations and are looking for financial support.

1. George Washington University School of Business.

George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) leads this year’s Financial Times MBA Ranking with the most female students. Women dominate the MBA program, accounting for 65% of the 2024 MBA cohort. The school offers the only US-based program with more than 60% female representation, and it has led US-based institutions in female enrollment for four years in a row.

GWSB, like many of the other institutions listed below, is a Forté partner. Women make up 40% of the school board, but just 28% of the faculty.

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