10 African Countries With The Worst Hunger Index

While some nations have achieved great success in eliminating hunger, little progress has been made on a global scale since 2015, according to the 2023 Global Hunger Index, a methodology for systematically measuring and tracking hunger globally: hunger remains serious or worrisome in 43 countries.

According to the research, the problem is mostly the result of the combined consequences of many crises. These include the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, economic stagnation, the effects of climate change, and many of the world’s persistent conflicts.

Data for 136 nations were evaluated for the GHI report 2023. There was enough data from these to calculate and rank 125 countries’ GHI scores in 2023.

Here are the 10 African countries with the worst hunger index:

RankCountryGlobal Rank2023 score
1South Sudan12835-49.9*
4Central African Republic12542.3
6Dem. Rep. of the Congo12235.7

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