Everything You Need to Know About Celebrity Sports Agent, Rich Paul

Photo credit: Clutch Points
Photo credit: Clutch Points


Rich Paul has made a name for himself as a celebrity sports agent, representing some of the world’s finest athletes. He founded Klutch Sports Group, which manages some of the NBA’s biggest names, including his pal LeBron James.

Paul attributes his achievement to his initial meeting with the NBA great. The pair initially met at the Akron-Canton Airport, where they were preparing to board a flight to Atlanta, according to The New York Times. Paul wore a vintage Warren Moron jersey, which drew LeBron’s eye, and the two became fast friends.

“It was fate,” Paul told The New York Times. “I could have missed the plane. I could have taken an earlier flight. I could have not worn the jersey. I could have been having a bad day and not spoken to him.”

The first contract Paul negotiated in the NBA was for Lebron’s return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014.

Aside from LeBron, Paul also manages valuable NBA players such as Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green, and John Wall. According to Forbes, his agency has risen 23 ranks on the list of the world’s most valuable sports agencies.

According to Forbes, Paul’s firm has earned more than $53 million in commissions and manages about $2 billion in contracts.

Prior to launching Klutch Sports Group, Paul sold sports jerseys from the trunk of his car and was on his way to Atlanta to acquire more when he ran into LeBron James at the airport.

Paul, who was born in 1981, grew up in a Cleveland neighborhood where gun violence and drug abuse were widespread. He and his father rented a one-bedroom flat above R & J Confectionary, where they both got up at 6:00 a.m. every day to punch lottery tickets or sell milk and bread in Glenville. Unfortunately, his father passed away from cancer when he was still in high school 21 years ago.

However, the life lessons his father taught him before his death have considerably contributed to Paul’s success today. He instilled in him basic life principles such as respect, love, patience, and hard work.

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