17 Black Teen Moms From Georgia Make History, Graduate High School Together

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17 teen mothers, the most of whom are African Americans, successfully completed high school, defying expectations and difficulties they encountered. Georgia Chaffee TAPP School in Louisville, Kentucky, where they attend, provides a program that is especially designed for young parents.


The graduation was a very emotional moment for the 17 young mothers who all earned their high school diplomas, according to WLKY.


“I feel nervous but I’m also ready to get started with my life, with my adult life,” said one of the graduates Ronyale Wilson, a Black mom whose daughter just turned 1-year-old. “I’m ready to see what life has for me.”


To reduce teenage pregnancy dropouts, the initiative goes above and beyond regular education by providing specialized services including childcare, medical support, and family resources. Despite the difficulties, it enabled young moms to give their studies a higher priority.


“It’s been very challenging. Especially waking up at 5’oclock in the morning every morning,” Wilson said. “I have to get myself ready and then my baby and get on the bus by a certain time but I made it work.”


These pupils exceeded their own expectations thanks in large part to the assistance of their family members, the direction and support of their teachers, and the availability of the school’s resources.


“It’s just emotional because we’re done, we did it. We got through it with babies,” Wilson said. “People doubted us, but we did it and got through all the stuff.”

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