12-Year-Old Black Student From Florida Earns Historic Associate Degree

Meet Cameron Robinson, a 12-year-old student who earned an Associate of Arts degree from Florida State College Jacksonville. He started college at the age of seven and is now one of the youngest students ever to graduate.

Cameron is earning his college degree while also attending middle school through a dual enrollment program, as reported by 11 Alive.

Cameron has high plans for the future. He wants to attend MIT and get a degree in engineering.

Despite his exceptional accomplishments, Cameron remains humble, admitting that his acquaintances are often surprised when he tells them about his college graduation.

“My friends always say, ‘What?'” Are you graduating from college? And they do not trust me when I tell them. So it’s definitely an exciting experience,” Cameron added.

Meanwhile, Cameron loved the supportive environment at FSCJ, stating that his teachers treated him like any other student. He expressed thanks for the social skills he learned at college, which he believes will help him while he pursues his bachelor’s degree.

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