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Kenyan Physics Teacher Breaks Limitations with Ingenious Laptop Battery-Powered Bikes

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Paul Waweru, a Kenyan high school physics teacher, is redefining the word “re-use” with his revolutionary laptop battery-powered bicycle.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as his inventive idea arose from his need for a new motorcycle after his electric bike broke down and he couldn’t get to work.

“Nobody was selling electric bikes in Kenya, so I had to import one,” he told Africa News. The batteries then stopped operating after a few months due to technological limitations.” While looking for a replacement, Paul came upon some old laptop batteries.

With this innovative idea, he launched Ecomobilus to offer the market with laptop battery-powered motorcycles. Waweru claims that a fully charged battery may travel up to 100 kilometers. He also claims that his innovation is as good as traditional motorcycles, and that his bikes are more advantageous than other gasoline-powered motorcycles due to the low cost of maintenance and fueling.

Waweru collects old motorcycle frames, removes their engines, and replaces them with a battery and motor to propel the bike. If the bike has a rapid charger, it can be charged in 45 minutes.

His clever solution comes at an important time when climate change concerns are widespread, and any action to alleviate the situation is welcome.Electric vehicles emit no hazardous chemicals, saving the environment from fuel-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Waweru’s motorcycles are utilized as couriers by delivery drivers across the city. Some drivers claim to have saved more money by using Waweru’s Ecomobilus.

With his creation, he has filled a void in the preservation of the Earth while also introducing a new form of easy-to-maintain, low-cost transportation to the people of his country.

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