Kamala Harris Pledges U.S. Support for African Agriculture


US Vice President Kamala Harris toured the Panuka farm in Chibombo district, Zambia on Saturday (Apr.1st).

The farm outside the capital uses new techniques and technology to boost its vegetable crop.

According to a White House communiqué, US private sector made over $7 billion in new commitments after the VP’s call for the sector to promote and enhance climate resilience, mitigation and adaptation across Africa.

“The United States will continue to support and expand this work. Some examples of the work that we are doing to that end here on the continent includes helping to improve climate modelling, weather forecast and to build new weather stations,” She said.

“We, through that work, know that we can then help farmers decide where to plant their crops, when to plant their crops, how to predict the upcoming growing season in a way they plant crops that are resilient to, or can adapt, to whatever that climate might be predicted to be.”

If Africa has contributed far less to overall greenhouse gas emissions than economically richer corners of the world, it bears the brunt of the climate crisis.

Kamala Harris will return to Washington Sunday after a weeklong trip to 3 African countries.

In the geopolitical battle for influence, the Biden administration seeks to narrow a trust gap with Africa.


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