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Zuma ‘officially’ the worst value-for-money president in the world

Jacob Zuma costs the South African taxpayer 27 times what Barack Obama costs the average United States taxpayer… we’ll just leave this here.

How much money does Jacob Zuma cost the average South African taxpayer, compared to how much he contributes to the country and in comparison to other world leaders? Well, let’s just say we’re not getting what we’re paying for.


So here’s the thing; there’s a pretty neat way to see how much money a president is worth to his/her country by looking at how much they cost per Billion Dollars generated by their economy.

Now, while China’s president Xi Jinping costs his country as little at $2.12 per billion Dollars generated in GDP, on the other end of the spectrum we have our president who earns ten times more than Xi, has a population more than a hundred times smaller and a GDP that’s been slipping ever since he became president. Jacob Zuma costs the country $638.15 per billion generated.


Too much? Ok let’s look at it this way. According to BiznewsJacob Zuma costs the South African taxpayer 27 times what Barack Obama costs the United States – even though they have the largest economy in the world, by far… very, very far – and a f*cking mind-blowing 319 times what China’s president costs his country.

Here, have a look…


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