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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Goes Back to the Day He Sent Materazzi to the Hospital

In a recent interview with our colleagues at GQ Italia , Sweden striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic came back on the blow he inflicted on Marco Materazzi. The Swedish player explained in this exchange nine years later, that he had done it completely on purpose during this derby Inter-AC Milan in November 2010. It is remembered that the blow had been violent at point where the Italian defender had been transported on a stretcher to an Italian hospital.

Ibrahimovic goes back to the day he sent Materazzi to the hospital

For many observers, Materazzi is a provocative player who likes to play the “enemies” of some of his opponents. Before 2010, he had already been “the enemy” of Zidane in 2006 during the World Cup. What had caused a French impulse on his chest.


Between Zlatan and Materazzila the rivalry had begun four years earlier, at a Juventus-Inter: ” Materazzi had challenged himself, as an assassin, and had hurt me, remembers Ibra. He was a tough player, ok. But there are two ways to be hard: his was to hurt you. Even a player like Maldini could be tough, but his goal was different … In the Juventus-Inter match, after Materazzi’s fault, I wanted to take revenge on ‘Matrix’ (the nickname of Materazzi, ed), because when someone One does this to me, I do not forget. But after two minutes, I was too bad to continue. I could not play anymore. And then I went to Inter, to Barça .. “

In 2010, after a failure at Barça, the great Swede returned to Italy at AC Milan. This allowed him to meet again with Materazzi. at the derby against the inter Milan and take advantage for revenge.


” During this match, they were all against me, it motivated me, fun Ibrahimovic. I got a penalty early in the game (for a 1-0 win), and who had faulted me? Materazzi, of course. In the second period, I saw him coming in front, and I put him a movement of Taekwondo (a horrible sole in the lower belly, note). I sent him to the hospital. Stankovic asked me, ‘But why did you do that?’ I replied: ‘I’ve been waiting for this moment for four years. That’s why.’ And then I left . “

Marco Materazzi was quick to react to Zlatan’s statement on his Instagram account. The former Italian defender posted a picture of Inter’s win in the 2009-2010 Champions League, just after Zlatan’s departure. With an ironic legend: “Thank you Zlatan Ibrahimovic, without you we would never have won.” 2-1.


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