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Zinedine Zidane Reveals the Reasons for His Return to Real Madrid

Returning to Bernabeu was an easy decision for Zinedine Zidane, who is determined to maintain Real Madrid’s European pre-eminence.

Zidane said he returned to Real Madrid because he likes the club. The former French star signed Monday a three-year contract with the club Madrid.

Zizou helped the White House win three consecutive Champions Leagues and nine trophies in total before she left in May 2018. Back at the club, Zidane is looking forward to getting back to work.

“It’s a special day for everyone. I am very happy to go home. I have nothing to say. I am very happy to be back and I want to work to put this club back where it should be. 

“I’ll be clear, when I left, it was time to leave, the locker needed this, it was not only for me, I did not enjoy myself when leaving, it needed a change. We won the Champions League but I know what happened during the season, the day to day I was there, and it’s not easy every day, I thought it was the right decision. There I want to resume, I could have gone elsewhere, I had proposals, but I wanted to train here, we must prepare next season. It’s a big responsibility, “ he said.

Despite his success with the club, Zidane knows that there are always ups and downs. But he remains determined.

“I won a lot of things, but I’m just someone else inside this club, I do not forget what we won but I do not forget the things I did not well done. Last year we lose the Liga quickly, we lose the Copa, we win the Champions League but I know where I am, life is like that. There is good, bad, we must accept everything, my ambition nobody will take me away, I will give everything to make the team go better.


Asked if he is not afraid of doing worse than the last seasons and tarnishing his image, Zidane said:

“I do not think that at all. If I thought about it, I would not come, I do not think like that, I think that my heart tells me, my heart tells me that I had a good rest and when I was called, I had want to come back. 3 or 4 months ago I might not be back, I want to come back, maybe this is the moment, this opportunity comes and I do it with a lot of desire. It’s a bigger challenge, it’s a second time. I do not look at it at all, otherwise I would not be back, it goes beyond the simple fact of coming back, I am animated by something else, it is a second project which is set up “ .

Club President Florentino Perez revealed that he had contacted Zidane five days ago to ask him to come back and thanked him for accepting the challenge. He also congratulated Solari for having behaved with dignity during his stay at Real.

“We are going through a difficult time. These players gave us unforgettable trophies. We must be proud and we must not forget how we fought to achieve this. We will always remember everyone.

We did not achieve the expected results. I want to recognize the work of Solari. Until the last moment, he showed loyalty to the club, love for the club and his effort was undeniable from the first day, “ said Florentino Perez.

He welcomed the return of Zinedine Zidane and did not fail to mention the challenge facing the Frenchman

“We did not reach the collective level we expected. We want to start working for a new era with one of our symbols in the foreground. That’s why today we welcome Zidane.

He assumes responsibility in a moment of great difficulty. If you are here with us, it’s because you like this badge. When we asked you to come back five days ago, you showed your love for the club, “ he added.

Work has already begun for Zinedine Zidane who will play Saturday, at the La Liga, his first match against Celta.


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