Zimbabwe: President Robert Mugabe wants to remain in power as he turns 92 years-old this month

– President Robert Mugabe will turn 92-year-old on Sunday

– There is conflict in the ruling party over Mugabe’s continued stay in office

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, who will be turning 92-year-old on Sunday, had continued to cling to power, Straits Times reports. The president who is Africa’s oldest leader and the only president Zimbabweans know since they got their independence in 1980 had refused to allow younger minds take over the affairs of the country.

President Robert Mugabe wants to remain in power even at 92 year-old. There were earlier reports that the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon at a summit last month advised African leaders not to hold on to power for too long, but President Mugabe in a swift response; said he would remain in power “until God says ‘come.”


It is believed that with comment like that, Mugabe has no intention of stepping down. His continued stay in the seat of power had frustrated aspiring members of the ruling party, ZANU-PF, who has been eyeing the president’s seat for years.

Members of the opposition party had been criticising Mugabe’s administration because of the internal feud. The opposition party alleged that the development is responsible for the stagnating economy the country is experiencing because the president is distracted and cannot focus. Details here.


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