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Zimbabwe’s War Veteran, Chiwenga To Reinstate Mnangagwa, Vows To Uphold The Constitution

Yesterday Chiwenga held a press conference declaring that he is going to step in and uphold the constitution of Zimbabwe.

Whose constitution is he upholding – Chiwenga-Mnangagwa Constitution or the People of Zimbabwe Constitution? Obviously the past 37 years are ample proof that Chiwenga and Mnangagwa are only interested in upholding their self-serving imaginary constitution. Their unquenchable thirst for power and greed is well known.

Mnangagwa and Chiwenga have presided over gross human rights violations as part of the ZANU PF cabal. Infact, for the most part they have disregarded the Zimbabwean constitution and sanctioned the intimidation, maiming and killing of opposition supporters. Mnangagwa when it suited him, ordered the killing of innocent people in Matebeleland and also spearheaded the mass rigging of elections, over the past 37 years. Chiwenga subverted the will of people in the 2008 elections and declared that Mugabe would not be replaced by the ballot. He intimidated the opposition by constantly proclaiming that Zimbabwe will never be ruled by someone without war credentials, basically disqualifying all opposition leaders. He even refused to salute Tsvangirai throughout the GNU.


Today Chiwenga wants us to believe that he is there to uphold the constitution. Whose constitution? Chiwenga has not upheld the constitution of Zimbabwe for 37 years, when Mnangagwa continuously violated human rights and the will of the people. Why should we believe these two today.

Does the constitution of Zimbabwe only apply to ZANU PF fat cats when their bread and butter is threatened? What about the masses who have been feeding on cramps from ZANU PF tables.

Mnagagwa was recently fired from Zanu PF, should we be sympathizing with him? Chiwenga is not safe and is set to be fired soon, why should we sympathize with him? And all those ZANU PF cronies who were fired from Zanu PF, why should we sympathize with them. They have presided over a failed economy, they have enjoyed themselves while the rest of Zimbabweans suffered. Why then do they think we care about their wellbeing. Why do they think that an ordinary soldier is willing to put their lives on the line of fire for Chiwenga, Mnangagwa or Mujuru?

Chiwenga listen, stop daydreaming. As Zimbabweans, we do not believe that all of a sudden you and Mnangagwa are good stewards of our constitution.


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