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Zimbabwe’s Vice President General Chiwenga’s Wife Scoffed At For Having Yellow Skin And Black Hands

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s wife, Mary who was last month mocked online for what many claimed was a colour bomb, has seen the latest perjorative comments being made against her. Others went to the extent of claiming that she looks like a black mamba.

This all began earlier with a picture pose in which she appeared wearing bright blue shoes.

Weeks later after her husband, Gen Chiwenga said that he has suffered from a blood cancer attacked which he said happened around the time of the November coup, she has been labelled names following pictures showing her own skin colour changes.

Mary is a model by profession and so her outlook has been public attention for years evne before she got married to the Vice President.

In that picture, Zimbabweans spoke of what they allege Mrs Chiwenga to have done to her skin. Some Zimbabweans claimed that she has bleached her skin and they said this is seen in the difference between her skin colour of her ankles and that of her face. All this they portrayed in the below picture of Mrs Chiwenga with a colleague of hers.

Mrs Mary Chiwenga – Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda


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  1. When African people have been taught to hate their image of skin and hair to look like the weak recessive European race. You know now the psychological mental warfare on black people to hate who they are has succeeded. Hatred of your color and races is a mental disease caused by colonial warfare.

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