Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe In “Critical Condition After Heart Attack”

Rumours emerge over ‘critical condition’ of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

He was said to be on holiday with family and friends when he was taken ill.

The reports suggest “high-level” meetings are being held in case Mugabe does not recover.

But the story is unverified and rumours are circulating on social media that it may be a hoax.

Reports have appeared to confirm that Mr Mugabe has been taken ill during a holiday in Singapore.

But the Zimbabwean government has refused to comment on the rumours of his ill health.

The reports of the President’s heart attack come after he was believed to have died in 2014.


Rumours circulated about his health for several weeks with some websites suggesting the veteran leader was seriously ill, while others even said he had died.

The Zimbabwean dictator, as he is now, was in fact spending two weeks of his annual leave in Singapore.

Zimbabwean journalists have poured scorn on rumours that he may be close to death, branding them part of the annual news cycle.

To put the rumours to rest he made a public appearance to mourn his 78-year-old sister Bridget, who died in Harare after three years in a coma.

Mugabe has been in power since 1980.

The story stemmed from a letter posted to a Zimbabwean news site, which cited “sources close to the President”.



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