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Zimbabwe’s Former First Lady Grace Mugabe Says Post Coup Govt Was God’s Plan

Controversial former First Lady Grace Mugabe has denied any bad blood with President Emmerson Mnangagwa adding she now prayed for the country’s new elected leader whose election she said was “God’s Plan”.

She was speaking Thursday evening during her late mother, Idah Marufu’s funeral wake at the former First Family’s Blue Roof home in Harare’s Borrowdale suburb.

Grace said she was thankful to Mnangagwa for chartering a plane from Qatar to bring her home after she had been informed of her mother’s death.

Grace denied that she and her husband, then President Robert Mugabe were ever placed under house arrest during dramatic scenes which saw the military besiege the First Family November 14 last year and eventually forcing Mugabe out.

The former G40 queen said she now prays for Mnangagwa as he is now the country’s new leader whose ascension to power was “God’s Plan”.

Ex-President Robert Mugabe said he now recognise ED Mnangagwa as the country’s leader because he has been voted by the people. new zimbabwe


Grace’s love poem for ED Mnangagwa


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