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Zimbabwe’s First Man To Undergo A S’ex Change, Stuns The Country Again With HIV News!!

Just when the people of Zimbabwe thought they’ve seen it all after a man successfully underwent a s*x-change surgery, the woman who was formerly a man has announced her HIV status.
Controversial Zimbabwean, Tatenda Karigambe better know as Tatelicious, who shocked his country some months ago after he became the first man to undergo a surgery to become a woman, has stunned the nation yet again after revealing her HIV status.

Below is the post as seen on her Facebook wall.
My #Dear_Darling_Facebokers I hope I find you well and in happiness. As a young woman who has been living with HIV for 14 years I think this message will also inspire someone or families who are struggling handling the reality of HIV being present to them directly or indirectly.


The joy of accepting things which you can’t change at the moment will bring forth a closure to realness and emancipating one’s self esteem.You don’t have to write on your forehead that HIV/AIDS has found a settlement in your life.

What you need to know is everything that comes in your life has to abide to your rules and regulations because you are the mastermind of your destiny.Whether you got the virus from your parents as a child or you where raped or got it from your partner or you got it somehow the fact remains you have it and the HIV must be given command by you.

Live a healthy life by eating healthy,adhering to your medication and surrounding yourself with positive minded people who you might decide to disclose your status or not but to your partner it’s #Mandatory you must disclose .


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