Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe in Trouble With Guards at State House Over Half-A-Year Salaries

CORES of security guards at a Bulawayo-based firm have threatened to march to State House to demand their pay from President Robert Mugabe after reportedly being instructed by the owner to do that.
Their last payment was in June, a half salary of about $70 each.
The planned march to State House was allegedly at the instigation of the Dimension Pro-action Services (DPS) owner identified as Khulumani Mlotshwa.
Workers said each time they asked for their pay, Mlotshwa would point at Mugabe’s portrait instructing them to demand pay from him as he has “created the economic mess”.
Some of the workers had termination of contracts dated December 8, 2015.
“The main query is on the point that the director of the company always refers the workers to lodge their problem to the State President,” read the minutes of a workers’ committee meeting.
“The workers say they no longer know the salary they are working for. [Mlotshwa] points to the President’s portrait saying go to him for your pay. We were never employed by the President.”
One of the workers’ representative said:
“We have resolved to march to State House and demand answers if there is no action by law and order police and unions (NEC for security). Has the indigenisation programme made workers to be slaves?”
However, Mlotshwa yesterday denied the allegations made by his workers.
“I am a former police officer and I cannot make such statements about the President. The person who is making the allegations even claims I have said that four times in two years,” Mlotshwa queried.
Mlotshwa claimed he paid the workers last Wednesday.
He threatened to fire the workers who were “rushing to the media to tarnish” his image.
“There are countless people who are seeking employment from me. I will fire these workers,” Mlotshwa charged.
Meanwhile, some of the workers will have their employment terminated today.
Part of the termination of contract letter signed by personnel and training officer Mxolisi Mpofu read:
“This letter serves to inform you of the termination of Urban Sites by MIPF and CBC effective December 31 2015. In line with this directive DPS security is also obliged to inform you of the termination of your employment contract by December 31, 2015.
“Please note that this is a reactive stance necessitated by the nature of our industry which is client-based. Efforts are underway to engage our clients with the view to extend our contract and should these bear fruit you will be re-engaged as a matter of priority.”

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  1. Please can someone shed light on this question:
    I have read many comments from many people defending their presidents’ rights to an opulent lifestyle when they, the people, are starving, there is no produce, there is glaring evidence of corruption, very poor services – all things that those same people should have access to. They do not seem to comprehend that their impoverished lifestyle is because of their leader/s. Why? What threats, promises, stories have they been fed that they accept this?
    Please enlighten me someone!

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