Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe’s Life In Danger!

President Robert Mugabes’ life is in danger and the Head Of State’s long hoary life could easily be ended by natural trees planted at his official State House premises, security bosses have been warned.
These observations were communicated on Monday when a top police officer and ZRP Harare boss, Senior Assistant Commissioner Shadreck Mubaiwa was smashed to death by a falling tree planted just outside State House.
Several trees planted around the premises where Mugabe walks and drives around are old and can crash down at any time from now. Recently a Chinese man was lucky to be alive when together with his baby they had another huge tree bludgeon his car while driving.
CIOs have since been told to ensure that the trees around State House are properly maintained as the Monday accident is not the first and annually Harare trees have been falling onto cars.
There were wide suggestions claiming that the tree was hit by lightning. But it was not raining at all on the day, analysts noted. One analyst writing, Eric Chapanduka commented on his worries saying, “I still do not understand what could have caused the tree to fall and break instantly. Maybe the tree was diseased.
“The ZANU PF government has no history of proper maintenance of trees even those at State House. There are several causes. It could be soil erosion. But there is no such construction work allowed at State House.”
“So that theory should be dismissed and since there is no excavation work, all this means the roots of the tree were intact. And if this was so it is likely the toppling of the tree could have been caused by a severe storm or heavy rains but this theory is again dismissed since it was not raining and there were neither storm nor heavy winds.
“Then one likely scenario from natural causes is the ZANU PF planted tree was brought down by decay but for this to be possible decay should have been at the roots to bring down the giant healthy looking tree. But again decay does not mean the tree could be vulnerable to fall in the absence of a storm because the action of wind is needed to bend the branches and cause the tree to sway and bring it down . But if one insists on this theory, it doesn’t make sense.
“But again as said this is not the first time that this has happened to a seemingly healthy tree at State House. So these trees could have been grown on shallow soil. Then if the soil is shallow it leaves us to speculate what could be underground at State House.”
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