Zimbabwean inventor unveils amazing new prototypes

A Zimbabwean designer, inventor and entrepreneur has unveiled a series of firsts in the country with his company’s catalogue of new prototypes including a helicopter that uses different types of fuel, a locally-produced electric car, a ‘green’ generator and many others.

You can imagine that when Sangulani Chikumbutso dropped out of Form 2 (grade 9) his prospects seemed to veer away from all things bright. He had been brought up in a poor, high-density suburb by a single mother after his father had absconded. But apparently, he had not given up on himself.

TechZim writes that, while in primary school, he had begun experimenting with electrical technology so much so that he was profiled an a television programme as a talented young man. Back then, he aspired to become a mechanic like his father, a journeyman.

Fast-forward a couple of decades to find Chikumbutso in an impeccably-tailored grey suit, introducing to a warehouse full of journalists and fascinated onlookers a series of fancy gadgets designed, developed and built by his company SAITH Technologies.

Yes, Sangulani Chikumbutso was on Monday launching some of his company’s products which included a hybrid engine-powered helicopter, an electric car, a magnetic converter, a ‘green’ power generator and a special drone.

With this launch, he has established himself as the first Zimbabwean to design and make an electric-powered vehicle and a hybrid helicopter. Check out some pics from his Monday launch taken by News Day below:






Well done to Mr Chikumbutso and may he inspire a whole generation of young Zimbabwean innovators and entrepreneurs!


Written by How Africa

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