Zimbabwean First Lady Allegedly Buys New Rolls-Royce While Country Faces Economic Meltdown

For many decades, the South African country Zimbabwe has been faced with some of the worst economic setbacks, with poor citizens being forced to dig deeper into their empty pockets to fund an already crippled economy.

Right now, the South African nation has been forced to replace its local currency with bond notes due to prolonged cash shortages that have led to panic-buying and mass bank withdrawals as people predict a major shortage in basic commodities.

What’s worse, the country’s veteran President Robert Mugabe, who has been in power for more than three decades, seems to have delegated his powers to friends and family members who have often been accused of plundering the country’s meager resources.

Zimbabwean First Lady
Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe addressing the public. Photo credit: Zimbabwe Today


Last week, a Zimbabwean council of churches condemned Mugabe’s government for making bad financial decisions, excessive spending, corruption and greed, insisting that the current cash shortages in the country are as a result of the government’s overindulgence.

Wasteful Spending

But even before Mugabe could think over the concerns raised by the clergy, his wife Grace Mugabe has hit the headlines once again after reports emerged that she recently bought herself a brand new Rolls-Royce worth nearly half a million dollars. Couple of weeks the news of her eldest son purchasing tow of the same car model went viral across the media house in Zimbabwe, as if we have seen it all then comes the news of the first lady herself allegedly buying a brand new expensive car running into millions of dollars while its citizens suffer endlessly.


It has been reported that the controversial First Lady sent someone to South Africa “to pay R5.8 million in cash” for the lavish car – a Rolls-Royce 2017 Ghost model. Grace is yet to comment on the allegations.

This revelation comes barely a month after president Mugabe’s son, Russell Goreraza, was reported to have imported two Rolls-Royce limousines and a couple of other luxury vehicles into the country.

The reports have sparked outrage across Zimbabwe with some people accusing the first family of wasting state funds on a luxurious lifestyle.

Although the Zimbabwean First Lady and any other member of her family has the right to own whichever car they so wish, it’s absolutely reckless and insulting for the Mugabes to be spending so much money on lavish things while the rest of the country is wallowing in poverty.

It’s even more puzzling to imagine how the First Lady and his son could afford to raise such large amounts of money at a time when the Zimbabwean government is struggling to pay its workers. What is even worse is the fact that nobody in the country can question the authority.

Just last week, the government of Zimbabwe took the controversial pastor Evan Mawarire to court with serious charges of subversion after he called on Zimbabweans to revolt against rising food prices and fuel shortages in the country.

It’s a crisis that majority of Zimbabweans wish would end soon. But unfortunately the elderly President insists on running for another term in the coming elections slated for August 2018. So, the question is: Who will rescue Zimbabwe?


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