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Zimbabwean Dancehall Artist, Soul Jah Love Undresses In Front Of President Mugabe During Rally!!

Soul Jah Love was today embarrassed in front of thousands of Zanu PF supporters including President Robert Mugabe and his wife at Sakubva Stadium.

Soul Jah Love born Soul Musaka provides backup entertainment at Zanu PF events and performs on the First Lady Grace Mugabe’ s request, according to party sources.


In a new twist, Soul Jah Love famed for the song ‘Pamamonya Ipapo’ was accused of gross indiscipline in front of Mugabe, after a scuffle on stage. A Zanu PF youth leader also threatened to ban the Zim Dancehall Artist from performing at the event.

“Who is Soul Jah Love? We don’t care who you are, please behave yourself. Stop what you are doing.That’s indiscipline, you are disrupting the programme.We have stopped Soul Jah Love from performing because of indiscipline. This shows you have no respect for the President,” said the Zanu PF youth leader.


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