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Zimbabwean Court To Decide Whether Mugabe Is Fit To Continue As President!!

A Zimbabwean court has been saddled with the responsibility to decide on the ‘fitness’ of President Mugabe to rule the southern African country.

An application filed by Promise Mkwananzi, the leader of #Tajamuka was sent to the Constitutional court. In the affidavit, he accused Mugabe, who turns 93 next month, of being a perpetrator of human rights abuse, as well as willfully violating the constitution.

On Friday, the constitutional court announced that it will render its final decision on the application by next month.

“Please take notice that the above constitutional application will be heard and determined by the Constitutional Court at Harare on Wednesday the 8th day of February 2017 at 09:30 or soon thereafter as counsel may be heard,” the court’s registrar said in a letter to Mkwananzi that was copied to the Attorney General’s Office. President Mugabe was cited as the respondent.

In the founding affidavit sent to the constitutional court, Mkwananzi added that Zimbabweans are living in fear of President Mugabe, who gives no heed to opposing voices but rather accuses them of being sponsored by the West and consequently telling them to leave the country if they do not favour how he runs it.

Mkwananzi’s #Tajamuka, as well as Pastor Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag movement which led anti-government protests in 2016, were accused of public violence and subsequently had their cases taken to the court of law. Evan Mawarire eventually had to leave the country due to threats on his life.

Mkwananzi also pointed out that President Mugabe no longer has the agility and ability to rule the country, as he often makes trips abroad on health issues. He is reportedly also treating an eye cataract in Singapore.

“He (Mugabe) is old and frail and no longer has the agility and concentration to superintend over critical affairs of the state. His incapacity (to lead) poses a real danger to the stability and security of the country. He must accept his fate and go to rest,” Mkwananzi said to News24.

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