Zimbabwe: What the Future Holds for Grace Mugabe After the Burial of Her Husband

The former Zimbabwean president, the so-called father of the Nation, Robert Mugabe, who died on September 6 at the age of 95, was buried on September 28, 2019 in his hometown of Katuma, about a hundred years old. kilometers northwest of the Zimbabwean capital.

It is behind a black lace veil that Grace Mugabe, his widow, and his children accompanied Robert Mugabe’s coffin to the place of the ceremony: the courtyard of a family home in his home village of Katuma.

Some media are wondering what will be the new life of Grace Mugabe, the secretary and wife of the former president ousted in 2017.

According to Africa News, relations with the new Zimbabwean authorities are already difficult. And the enmity dates from that day in November 2017 when she put her finger in the eye of then Vice President Emmerson Mnangangwa, the new strongman.

“I say to Mr. Mugabe: You should let me take your place. Do not be afraid. If you want to give me your job, give it to me freely. ” A statement that had to accelerate the dismissal on 21 November 2017 of her husband.

Combined with the attempted murder of Mnangagwa, accused by Harare following an explosion at a rally on June 28, 2018, Grace Mugabe’s sulphurous reputation is likely to keep her in a state of discretion. As she has always done since the end of her husband’s reign.

When he came to power in 1987, Robert Mugabe finally left the throne in 2017, after being let go and then forced to resign by the army and his own party.

But from the bottom of his shroud, the Old Lion should watch over the widow “lioness”.

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