Zimbabwe’ War Of Succession: First Lady Grace Mugabe Warns Against Treason

The First Lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe warned against a possible coup in the midst of growing tensions related to the struggle for her husband’s succession.

She said allies of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa threaten the lives of those who do not support him as a replacement for President Robert Mugabe.

Grace Mugabe and Mr. Mnangagwa are the favorite candidates for succession and their rivalry divided the Zanu-PF. This war of succession began after Mr. Mnangagwa declared that he had been poisoned in August. His supporters had accused his rivals of the party.

Disgusted by this situation, Grace Mugabe expressed his anger in a speech at an event in Harare.


“We receive threats every day that if a particular person does not become president, we will be killed,” she said.

“We are not going to yield to that pressure. They say there will be a blow, but no one will recognize you. The African Union will not recognize you “.

Mnangagwa fell during a political rally organized by President Mugabe in August and had to be rushed to South Africa for treatment. His followers said he had been poisoned after eating ice cream in Grace Mugabe’s shop.

But on Thursday, in her speech she denied the accusation.

“Why would my glacier prepare a single cup of poisoned ice just for him? Why would I want to kill him? I am the president’s wife. Who is Mnangagwa, who is he? What can I expect from him ?.

Speaking to reporters earlier, Mnangagwa said that although the doctors had confirmed his stocking, it would not be fair to accuse the first lady.

The tension between the Zimbabwean president’s possible successors is intensifying although President Mugabe has already confirmed that he will run for a seventh term.


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