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Zimbabwe: Three Months After, Robert Mugabe Breaks His Silence and Blames His Successor

Three months after his resignation, Robert Mugabe breaks the silence. The former Zimbabwean President spoke of the reasons for his resignation in November 2017. It was during a visit that Moussa Faki Mahamat, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, paid him.

He took the opportunity to explain the reasons that led him to throw in the towel. Mugabe believes he did so to prevent his country from falling into a bloody conflict.

It is therefore the interview with the chairman of the AU commission that allows to understand the state of mind of the former leader. “We exchanged views, I found him very lucid and he also explained why he had resigned, it is for the peace and development of the country …”, said Moussa Faki Mahamat .

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New President Mnangagwa said he is providing for the security and interests of his predecessor and his family. But on this last case, Mugabe seems not to be satisfied. According to Zimbabwe Independent , he reportedly told Moussa Faki that he does not feel safe.

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“They told you I was safe, but how can I be in this environment? My wife cries every day. They persecute her … What am I without my wife and my family? We are not safe. We have constitutional advantages, for example, but these are denied, ” the paper quoted Mugabe as saying, based on detailed notes provided by officials present at the meeting.


“It’s not like I’m crying for these benefits. I joined the fight to fight to liberate my people, not to benefit personally from anything, but why deny me benefits to which I am constitutionally entitled? Why do they harass people? Some of them are too zealous. How do you stop all a university vice-chancellor for lies about a PhD? Some of these people are just idiots; they are ignorant, “said Mugabe.

Last week, Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, Levy Nyagura, was arrested for abusing his post. He is accused of facilitating the granting of a false doctoral degree to Grace Mugabe.

Mugabe screams with relentlessness. He says that before doing his doctorate, his wife studied Chinese and graduated.

” It was not easy. She then continued her studies and ended up doing a PhD. I saw her working here day and night. I helped him here and there, so how can anyone wake up and pretend that she did not work for that? This is harassment, ” according to remarks attributed to Robert Mugabe.



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