Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe’s Birthday Date Becomes A Public Holiday!

In Zimbabwe, February 21 will now be a public holiday, the choice of this date is not insignificant, it is the anniversary of the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

Making the day a holiday is the work of the youth league of the ruling Zanu-PF: the 93-year-old president’s birthday will stop being a day like any other and will become the “Day of the Youth of Robert Mugabe “.

By making this day a holiday, “we want to be highlighted the values and principles that our President RG Mugabe embodies so brilliantly, and who made his life an example which our youth can be inspired” , has Declared the Zimbabwean Minister of the Interior, Ignatius Chombo, quoted by the daily Herald.


The minister learned, however, that this decision comes after years of lobbying by the Zanu-PF, which also intends to rename the country’s main airport on behalf of the head of state who has ruled the country since 1980.

Last week, Zimbabwe, undermined by a severe economic crisis for several years, announced the construction of a $ 1 billion “Robert Mugabe” university .

This university is far from being the first public building to bear the name of the president. A school of administration, a street in the capital or a highway to his hometown already bear the name of the oldest president in office in the world.

Despite his advanced age Robert Mugabe, who came to power in 1980 during the independence of Zimbabwe, a country formerly under the tutelage of the United Kingdom, has already planned to run for the next elections in 2018.


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