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Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe Reportedly Attempted Suicide On New Year’s Eve – Source

We have received information from a close family member of Mugabe telling us that former President Robert Mugabe allegedly attempted suicide on New Year’s Eve but was prevented from doing so. 

The informant said it was last night when his doctor came to see him at midnight in his room and saw him lying on his bed with sleeping pills on hand, ready to swallow. Fortunately, his doctor arrived on time and prevented him if not the worst would have happened.

The source says that since Mugabe stepped down as president, he has never felt good. << Mugabe still had plans and a vision for his country but was cut short for what he saw as a military coup. Today mugabe is sorry and angry at himself for having accepted to resign, “he says.


According to him, what could have caused his suicide attempt is the fact that his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa, takes the country in the wrong direction. coupled with this, his wife Grace reportedly filed a divorce.

the informant admitted to us that since Mugabe left his post, he suffered a severe depression that his doctors regularly come to his home to check his health.

Disclaimer: can not independently verify this information, stay tuned for more update on the news veracity.

Credit: Africa24


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