Zimbabwe: President Mnangagwa Retort, Says Zimbabwe ‘Moved On’ From The Mugabe Era

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa said Friday that the nation “has proceeded onward” in light of accusations by previous president Robert Mugabe that he was expelled in an unlawful “rebellion”.

Mnangwa included in a short proclamation that he “noted recent comments made to the media” by Mugabe who addressed foreign columnists at an area in Harare on Thursday. It was Mugabe’s first public statement since his resignation in November.

“I say it was a coup d’etat — some people have refused to call it a coup d’etat,” Mugabe told South Africa’s SABC broadcaster, referring to the brief army takeover which led to Mnangagwa assuming power after Mugabe’s resignation.


“We must undo this disgrace which we have imposed on ourselves, we don’t deserve it… Zimbabwe doesn’t deserve it.”

Mnangagwa’s brief response, posted on his official Twitter account and bearing the seal of the presidency, added that Mugabe “is entitled to express himself freely, as is the case for any private citizen”.

“The nation has moved on. Our focus at this time shall remain on preparing for free, fair and credible elections in 2018.”


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