Zimbabwe: No Bailout Until Mugabe Disappears From Power Forever, Says British MP

London – British lawmaker Kate Hoey has called on the UK government to reaffirm that there would be “no bailout” for Zimbabwe until President Robert Mugabe, 92, ceased to rule the southern African country, a report said on Thursday.

In an opinion piece published by Heat Street, Hoey urged the United Kingdom not to help Mugabe’s government until he had “disappeared from power and influence forever”.

Hoey further questioned the recent Harare visit by former British cabinet member Peter Mandelson.

Mandelson’s visit to Harare came as reports indicated that the British government was pushing a package to pay off $1.8bn in arrears to multilateral donors, which would allow Zimbabwe to take out emergency IMF loans.

According to an article by Ian Birrell published on Nehanda Radio, British diplomats and officials in the department for international development were behind this.


They apparently favoured stability over respect for human rights or support for opposition figures fighting a brutal regime, the report said.

Hoey has since demanded that the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson publicly denounce the rumour.

“This episode calls for an urgent response from our new Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson. On Zimbabwe he must reaffirm Britain’s position in the most robust and colourful language he can command: no money, no bailout until Mugabe disappears from power and influence for ever,” she said.

The British government and the United States imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe in 2000, after they accused Mugabe of trampling on human rights, rigging elections and repression of press freedom – accusations that the veteran leader denied.

The sanctions led to devastating economic challenges, with the country reportedly now sitting with about 85% unemployment.


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  1. These White people have humongous egos. What makes thus British MP think Zimbabwe would take pound from these murderous white devils. It is amazing how these white vultures hang around and do everything they can to collapse Zimbabwe economically. Zimbabwe will rise on it own and prosper. And that day is coming. And all those remaining European, Indian, Chinese and etc, thieves will have to go. The notion that these thieves from the U.K. think that blacks would let them back in for any reason shows how demented the European of thinking is. The U.K. can keep their worthless pound as their country falls apart. Hasn’t Britain realized it yet. Their opinion about a country that they invaded murdered, raped and robbed the indigenous people for over 100 years is over. A rape victim does not need the help from the rapist. And this humans right shit they media market is nothing more than the white west propaganda they use worldwide to discredit countries they no longer can robb. The U.K. knows the longer they do not have access to the vast resources of Zimbabwe the more their shitty country will suffer and fall apart. Why is the UK so concerned about a country that they murdered millions of indigenous people over to take and never held accountable over these atrocities and now lie about the condition of the country and its people. Were was the concern about the blacks when the Smith regime reigned it madness of blacks in torturous fashioned. The hell with the UK and any other European invadeder that profited off my people. Zimbabwe is the most peaceful country in Africa. Facts, yes there are problems to resolve and for Zimbabweans to do on the own. Not from their former and current international oppressor. Mugabe has never been the problem foe Zimbabwe. He just stands in the way of the former occupiers from coming back to screw the people for a second time. It is so funny to see a country like the UK talk the shit as it has invaded hundreds of countries worldwide and murdered millions in their mad degenerated thinking to boost their country too were it is today. Those days are finished. No time to communicate with the devil.

    • I agree, tell all nations to stop funding ur beloved country. U clearly have showed Your country live fine with 85 % unemployment.

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