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Zimbabwe Is Ready For A Female President

Revolutional greetings dear comrades. Women in African patriarchal societies were trapped in domesticity. They were viewed as objects of production and reproduction only fit to occupy the domestic sphere. Politics was deemed a space far beyond the reach of women. In a way, politics was an exclusive domain for men. The production of scholarly political literature was done by men, about men, for men.  Even when women actively participated in politics, their roles were tucked in oblivion and those of men magnified. Scholarly academic literature had a tendence of treating women as useless others on the other hand making men a breed apart.

African politics is still labouring under the stigma of the patiarchal order. The political terrain is dominated by men, most of whom are hardcord anti-feminists who can do anything and everything to maintain the status quo. What is even surprising is how women are treated in politics. They are treated like sex objects meant to satisfy men’s wild libidos.  Painfully some women are compelled sleep their way up the political ladder. Cant a woman climb the political ladder without being used and abused by her male counter parts?

Men in politics are mere hucksters in diplomatic market bartering the happiness of millions of women with scented smile. They careless about women in politics than maintaining their strange and strong holds on politics. Conservatism is archiac in modern politics and therefore belongs in the dustbins.

Recently, Africa South of the Limpopo river, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, a more qualified candidate  lost to Ramaphosa in the ANC presidential race. I argue that she lost the race because of her gender. Does this mean that Southern Africa is not ready for a female president?

Dr Joice Mujuru has all it takes to be the first female president of Zimbabwe. As the former Vice President, she has wisdom born of experience to run the country. Zimbabwe is therefore ready for a female president.

Dr Mujuru remained calm and collected after being fired from Zanu Pf. Those are noble leadership qualities that Mnangagwa is deficient of. Mnangagwa after getting fired from the party skipped the country and engineered a coup to elevate himself to the helm of Zimbabwean politics.


The mere fact that Mnangagwa allegedly walked more than 30km and skipped the country, is a clear sign that he is coward not worth the position.Dr Joice remained calm and did not use the army to reinstate her, but rather chose to divorce herself from the demonic church of Baal, Zanu Pf. Its clear that she acknowledge that it is a really bad organisation hence she abandoned it and found a new political home in NPP.

It high time that Zimbabweans give a chance to a female president. Male presidents have led the country from blunder to blunder as though led by blind fate. Their imbecility coupled with short sightedness have consigned the country to the economic wilderness, where the country seems to be permanently in.

The self centred male political leaders have looted the state coffers empty. They have liquidated the country and changed it to the basket case of Africa. The Zimbabwean political arena needs some thorough fumigation so as to cleanse it from dirty male politicians who have led the country to bankrupcy. It is in this sense that i believe Dr Mujuru might be the answer. We surely need a new breed of leadership of young and female politicians.

As NPP we are wholly behind Cde Mujuru. We support her leadership through good and bad times. NPP believes in fale leadership hence we proudly declare that Cde Mujuru is our 2018 presidential candidate. We are also against the archiac patriarchal system which we believe is responsible for relegating women to the domestic sphere and making the political terrain exclusively for men.

Dear comrades all we need to do is to shun worshiping the god of gender and embrace the progressive spirit. The god of gender must be broken down to dust, today, at this very hour so that we can appreciate women’s participation and contributions in politics. This will mean that women will not be bandied about like pawns in a game.

Victory is certain, allutta continua.
NPP National youth spokesperson Khulani David Ndhlovu


Written by How Africa

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