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Zimbabwe: Former President Robert Mugabe Threatened By Parliament

Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is summoned to parliament to explain “the disappearance of diamonds worth $ 15 billion (12.2 billion euros),” said a parliamentarian.

Zimbabwe’s parliament has threatened to accuse former President Robert Mugabe of contempt if he does not appear at his hearing. “We had set May 9 as the date to testify,” said Temba Mliswa, chairman of the parliamentary committee for mining and energy, quoted by the state newspaper Herald.

Mr. Mugabe, 94, did not appear before the Committee to clarify his 2016 claims that the country had lost $ 15 billion due to diamond leakage.

This was the second time Mugabe did not show up to face lawmakers and he angered committee officials who ordered him to run on June 11 or face charges of contempt and imprisonment.


“We are waiting for him to have time to appear before the parliament. We expect him to cooperate and that parliament has the power to summon anyone, ”  committee chairman Temba Mliswa told reporters in Harare on Monday.

He added: “In the letter we are writing to him, which is also the last one, we remind him that we will call him and hope that we will not get to this stage of forcing a former president …”

“Let me remind you that former and late MP Roy Bennett has been sent to jail by Parliament. So let’s keep in mind the powers of parliament, ”  added Mliswa.

Mugabe, who led Zimbabwe for nearly 38 years, was forced to leave power last November after giving in to military pressure.

Since then, he has rarely been seen in public and has spoken to a few journalists earlier this year when he accused his former vice president and successor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, of unconstitutionally dethroning him.


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