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Zimbabwe: Dirty Weather for Former First Lady Grace Mugabe Who Loses Over $ 270,000 to a Law Firm

The former First Lady of Zimbabwe Grace Mugabe and her son, Russell Goreraza, were both sentenced to pay $ 278,304 to a local law firm that represented them in a number of court cases, one of which involved prosecution. against a Lebanese businessman who had not given him a diamond ring, worth $ 1.35 million, which she had ordered.

The High Court’s order, issued on November 15, 2019, was the result of a request for the cancellation of a default judgment filed by Grace Mugabe and her son in April of this year on the grounds that it had been made in error .

According to court documents, the law firm Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners represented Grace Mugabe in her lawsuit against Lebanese national Jamal Ahmed, whom she accused of having duped her.

In order to get her money back, Grace Mugabe would have “seized” three of her properties, namely booth number 409 Harare Drive, Pomona, 18 Cambridge Road, Avondale and 75 King George, Avondale. However, he went to court and recovered his properties.

On January 15, 2019, High Court Judge Felistus Chatukuta ruled in favor of the law firm and ordered Grace and her son to pay the legal fees, before the duo applied for cancellation. This order was recently confirmed by Justice Edith Mushore.

Prior to Judge Mushore’s order, Judge Alpheus Chitakunye had ordered Grace Mugabe and her son to pay the law firm’s legal fees and costs.

Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners say he was contacted by Grace Mugabe and his son in December 2016 to obtain legal services for a number of cases related to the saga of the diamond ring.

The firm stated that the two also wished to be represented by a lawyer in an urgent application filed with the High Court under the case number HC 12497/16. Legal services provided included follow-up of all litigation and hearings, drafting of court proceedings, consultations, roundtables over a two-year period.

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