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Zimbabwe Challenges Africa’s Tradition Of Paying Bride Price- Women Stop Paying Or They Remain ‘Just Assets’

As old as this tradition is, it has become so true and original that nothing bad is seen about. However Zimbabwean women seek to abolish it as they feel like purchased assets under such practices.


Legal advisor Priccilar Vengesai has documented an application to the nation’s Constitutional Court contending that the training is unlawful and diminishes ladies to “negligible resources”, reports neighborhood news entrance The Herald.

The previous government employee said she needs the installment of lady of the hour cost [or lobola in Zimbabwe] abrogated or for the two gatherings to pay so as to ladies some poise.

“The general public for which lobola was imagined never again exists and the proceeded with utilization of the training in present day industrialized society intensifies sexual orientation imbalances without giving the social advantages customarily connected with lobola,” she contended.


In a nutshell, a woman is paid for simply because she is a woman and a husband pays for a wife because he is a man. This amounts to discrimination based on gender

Vengesai said she used to be married and felt like she was purchased. She vowed to marry immediately after she wins the case.

“I belong to the Shona tribe and I intend to enter into marriage as soon as this matter is concluded … The original purposes of lobola have, in many cases, been subsumed by moths of greed and enrichment on the part of the brides’ families.


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The case will go to trial only if the Chief Justice gives the nod that it can be heard by the Constitutional Court.

Bride price is mandatory in almost every traditional African society. The amount of money and goods are decided by the bride’s family and is negotiable.



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