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Zimbabwe: Again, Mugabe’s Nephew Deplores The Ill-treatment Of His Uncle, Robert

According to the nephew of former Zimbabwean President Patrick Zhuwao, his uncle would be mistreated by the new Mnangagwa government.

In an interview with Voice of America as quoted by the Daily News newspaper, Zhuwao reportedly said:

“They mistreat the old man, they went to see prophets and traditional healers and were told that they were abusing the old man but they have not changed, they continue to mistreat him.”

“We have to respect him, he went to war, he went to prison, while he was fighting for the people.”

Zhuwao’s claims come shortly after new President Emmerson Mnangagwa promised to take care of Mugabe. The government recently published the privileges to which it will be entitled. These include a large number of cooks and waiters, gardeners and security guards, two houses, a fleet of cars and four first-class international trips a year.

Zhuwao belonged to a faction that supported former first lady Grace Mugabe. He insists that the Mnangagwa government is illegitimate.

Two former ministers of Robert Mugabe prosecuted for corruption

Two former ministers of former president Robert Mugabe have been arrested for corruption and abuse of power, before being released on bail on Saturday 6 January.

Walter Mzembi and Samuel Undenge are two influential former men of Robert Mugabe’s time. Walter Mzembi was Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Tourism. He is one of the Zanu-PFactivists who was recently excluded from the party. According to his lawyer, the Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating alleged donations to churches.

Samuel Undenge is also a former Zanu-PF executive. He has accumulated ministerial portfolios: former Minister of Energy and Development, he was temporarily Minister of the fight against corruption. Today, justice pursues him for acts of corruption and abuse of power.


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