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Zimbabwe: Accused Of “Sorcery”, President Robert Mugabe Finally Reacts

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said he will take decisions to end criticism in the ruling Zimbabwean National Union of Zimbabwe (ZANU), which accuses him of witchcraft after the alleged “poisoning” Vice-President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, three weeks ago.

Mnangagwa, regarded as a potential successor to the President, had made a discomfort at a public meeting of Mugabe in Gwanda and evacuated urgently to South Africa for treatment.

Addressing his supporters at another gathering in Gweru last Friday, Mugabe said Mnangagwa was in good health.

“He came to the Presidential Palace three days ago accompanied by his doctor who explained that he had not been poisoned.”


“People who accuse others of witchcraft must know that it is illegal to make unfounded allegations. That is why our colonizers had promulgated the Witchcraft Act, which we respect. So if you dare treat someone as a sorcerer, we will ensure that you are arrested, “Mugabe said.

The police have already arrested an ally of Mnangagwa, Energy Mutodi, for claiming that he was poisoned at the rally in Gwanda.

Last week, Mugabe said at a funeral that some of his party accused him of witchcraft.

“Some say the president is a wizard. How many people did I kill? We have been together for ages, why kill today, “he said.

Refuting this accusation, Mnangagwa issued a statement on Thursday, claiming that he had not been poisoned as claimed by some people.


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