Zimbabwe at 36! President Robert Mugabe Charges Citizens To Shun Corruption

Zimbabwe, yesterday, marked 36 years of independence with President Mugabe urging his citizens to shun corruption, tribalism, as well as nepotism.

The oldest president in Africa delivered a speech in the Harare which is the country’s capital where he talked about fore problems affecting the southern African economic.

According to a state owned newspaper, President Mugabe apologised for late payments to pensioners, delays in salaries and bonuses to civil servant.

The paper added that Mugabe praised security forces in the country saying that they have defended Zimbabwe’s sovereignty.


Some residents say that the country is not independent as only a small part of the population is benefiting.

“There is no independence because the country for which we fought was given to a few individuals at the top,” said a resident.

“It’s survival of the fittest, added another,” decrying the lack of job opportunities.

The celebrations come at a time that the county is facing the worst drought in decades forcing the government to declare a state of emergency in February.

An official of the ruling party identified as Saviour Kasukuwere, said that Zimbabweans must work to develop the country, but an opposition spokesperson Obert Gutu says the struggle continues.



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