Zim Diamond Ring Shambles!! Grace Mugabe Seizes More Houses!!


Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly seized two more houses from Lebanese businessman Jamal Ahmed. This is coming after she grabbed three houses from the same man in December 2016.

First Lady Grace Mugabe’s seizure of Jamal Ahmed’s houses is as a result of a $1.3 million diamond ring deal which resulted in complications.

The diamond ring which was reportedly supposed to be a gift from the President to Grace as their 20th anniversary gift was paid for, using the First Lady’s local account. In due course, she decided she no longer wanted it and sought a refund, but due to anti-money laundering laws as claimed by Ahmed, the money could not be refunded.

Clement Phiri, the Harare High Court Judge ordered First Lady Grace Mugabe to evacuate the seized houses, giving her a 24 hour deadline to allow the previous occupants of the buildings to return.

News24 reports that some court papers showed evidence that the First Lady has once again grabbed some more houses from the Lebanese businessman. An affidavit presented by Ahmad’s employee, Talent Kasiya was taken to court on January 3 showing that two more houses have been forcefully taken by the First Lady.


Jamal Ahmed also recently stated that he fears for his life upon return to Zimbabwe, due to the threats he has received from the First Lady’s son Russell Goreraza, her son-in-law Simba Chikore and Kennedy Fero, who are all part of her security personnel.

Mtetwa said:

“On Sunday, December 18, I attended Dungarvan House, Wilson Avenue in Borrowdale, where I saw two men whom I recognised as having been part of the group that had initially come to the Cambridge Road premises.

“I noticed that the lock at the back entrance of Dungarvan House had in fact been broken and, as there was no one manning the gate, I was able to enter,” part of the affidavit read.

The situation was also confirmed by Jamal Ahmed’s attorney, Beatrice Mtetwa.

“When the courts opened on Tuesday, it issued a second eviction order for the two additional houses and we are now waiting for the deputy sheriff to deliver the notices.

“If the First Lady or her associates refuse to vacate the five premises, then they would be in contempt of court.”

The First Lady’s lawyer however stated that she was currently out of the country and has not yet been informed on the notices.


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