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Zambia’s Vice President Inonge Wina tells Citizens to Eat Nutritious Foods

Zambia’s Vice-President Inonge Wina has advised fellow countrymen to switch to what she says are more nutritious foods as opposed to relying on the staple food maize meal – known there as nshima.

BELTSVILLE, MD – FEB 21: The fried Tilapia dish (whole fish) features a masala sauce with onions, tomato, garlic, bell pepper, cilantro and African spices. Also kale and Ugali bread (it’s like a formed grit cake).
Swahili Village chef and owner Kevin Onyona prepares his meals to order and starts with fresh ingredients. Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Nshima is served with almost every meal in Zambia.


Severe hunger has been reported in certain parts of the country following 2018  poor rainfall. There have been calls to declare the situation a national disaster, a move the government opposes.

But the vice-president has said foods such as millet, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and cassava have numerous health benefits, reports the state-owned Zambia Daily Mail.

“The gradual shift from predominantly maize-based meals is good for the nation as more nutritious foods will have space at our tables,” Ms Wina said in a statement issued on Tuesday by her office.

“The switch to more nutritious foods is one of the low-cost and effective ways of addressing stunting and malnutrition in the country.

“It will also act as an assurance of food security at domestic and community levels,” Ms Wina said.


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