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Zambia’s President plans to Introduce Religious Affairs Ministry

President Edgar Lungu is sure to re-open an age old debate in Zambian politics with his announcement that he will re-introduce a Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The Head of State made this announcement when he attended a church service at St Andrews United Church of Zambia (UCZ) on Sunday morning.

With the country nervously holding together in post election woes President Lungu seems to see an opportunity in religion to preserve the country’s peaceful reputation.


Under late President Frederick Chiluba Zambia had a Religious Affairs Ministry, something that never conclusively got approved by the entire population.

President Lungu said the re-introduction of the Religious Affairs Ministry will be to re-affirm Chiluba’s declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

Zambia has the declaration as a Christian nation enshrined in the constitution. Church has become part of President Lungu’s public Sunday routine.


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