Zambia’s President Cuts Salary and Ministers’ to Save Money for Zambians

President Edgar Lungu reduced his salary and that of ministers and other senior officials by 15-20% with immediate effect.

The move, the head of state said, aims to cushion the impact of rising fuel and electricity prices on Zambians.

“I have decided to cut the salaries of highly paid civil servants to lessen the impact of rising fuel prices and higher electricity prices on vulnerable people. The cuts begin with me as President and the ministers in my Cabinet with immediate effect. I also asked the Secretary to Cabinet to share this directive with all non-unionized public servants, including para-public executives ,  said President Lungu.


Assuring that he fully understands the difficulties that the Zambian people are going through, he declared that he remains optimistic about the recovery of the economy in 2020 thanks to the measures put in place by his government, notably the implementation of measures of reducing the costs of travel for senior officials and protecting the vulnerable through the allocation of resources to the social sectors.

“Public servants with the highest salaries will see a reduction of 20% while those in the middle will see theirs reduced by 15% and those at the bottom of the scale by 10%. In view of the increase in prices of the two basic products which were inevitable, the Zambian people needed a cushion, hence my directive. The money raised thanks to this decision will serve to mitigate the impact that the increase will have on the population. I have shown the way and those who are ready to work with me must be ready to make sacrifices. May God bless Zambia, “ he said.


Written by How Africa

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