Zambians Protest Corruption and Bad Governance with the #YellowCard Movement

Zambians on social media have had it with corruption, bad governance, debt, and the reduction of food, education and health services for the most vulnerable, so they are calling out their government with the #YellowCard.

The people are saying enough is enough. But enough to what? Well, the list of transgressions is long, and they all can be summarised under that African ethos of corruption.

There’s the road they’re saying should have cost 4.4 billion kwacha and is costing about three times that. There’s the toll costing what they claim is about ten times its actual value. There’s the presidential jet costing billions during acute economic austerity. Then, probably most infuriating of all, there’s the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) 2018 report claiming K4.9billion has been lost to corruption in the country.

The people are saying all the funds lost can be used to help provide much-needed drugs to hospital. They’re saying they can be used to fund education. They’re saying the hundreds of deaths as a result of cholera can be avoided with these stolen sums. So they decided to protest.

The protest, according to Lusaka Times, was organised by activists PilatoLaura MitiGunduzani Mwale, and musician Maiko Zulu. The police had refused to give the organisers the go ahead, claiming they were too busy on the day of the protest to police the protesters.

But while the people can be stopped from taking to the streets, they certainly can’t be stopped from using social media, and use social media they did.

Zambians painted Twitter yellow, all of them protesting corruption with their yellow cards.

Check out some of the tweets:




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