Zambian Football Star Chisamba Lungu Arrested For Gun Threats


Zambia National Team footballer Chisamba Lungu on Friday Night in kitwe threatened violence when he removed a gun inside a night-Club to threaten Jerabos who wanted to beat him up.

He has been released from police custody after he was arrested for threatening to shoot on Friday.

The FAZ Super Division-based player with Ndola Buildcon is reported to have produced a pistol after being attacked by Jerabos who allegedly stole a wallet from him.


Formerly based in Russia, the midfielder was released from Kitwe Central Police Station on Saturday, but the police have told the 2012 African champion star to produce a gun license as he faces prosecution.

“Having a gun licence is not a passport to threaten people with it. He will appear in court unless the complainant withdraws the case,” revealed Lusaka Times sources close to the case.

According to Lungu’s friend, who witnessed the incident, he said the footballer was forced to remove a pistol after Jerabos attacked him and stole his wallet which had a driver’s license and money.

“The Jerabo guys started insulting Chisamba telling him that he was finished. Later as Chisamba went to the car park they followed him and searched him before getting his wallet from the pocket,” said the friend to Lusaka Times.

“The Jerabos ran away with the wallet which had a drivers licence and over $500 plus K800. That’s when he removed a gun from the car.”


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